Breaking Borders

I was familiar with the concept of STEM however until recently I heard about STEAM which is the addition of art to the well-known science, technology, engineering, and math. I was still unsure about what this meant. So I set out to do a little investigation. I realized that STEAM is more than just the addition of art. It opens up a world of infinite opportunities. It eliminates the preexisting borders of certain subjects. For example, combining art and math. Besides providing the necessary skills needed to be successful in the 21st century it will also prove to allow creativity and imagination to enter the thinking process. STEAM uses the STEM concepts, but will allow people to use their creativity and imagination. For example, in Boston Academy for the Arts students of a dance class do more than just perform they use electrical currents to light up fabrics. This seems incredibly interesting because what appears to be two different pathways are meeting to create an astonishing result. For my part I cannot wait to see what STEAM has to offer and what everyone might be able to do with it. So join us in this incredible journey where no borders exist and where your imagination and creativity are in control.




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