Discovering STEAM

Throughout my life, I’ve always felt in touch or in tune with my surroundings, the environment at large; “my world”.I knew that nature and creativity was my calling, I just didn’t know how I was going to turn what I love into a career. In my native culture, every “thing” has a spirit, and a purpose. My spirit has been yearning for a purpose, and I feel like I have finally found it. It feels so right, my life has shifted because of STEAM. I can’t help but feed this monster in me to make a difference, to make a commitment to earth and to challenge myself and others.

I have been in limbo with my major for the past 3 years; from business administration to math, then chemistry. I knew I wanted to have a career in STEM, only I didn’t know what to do. Family, friends, the instructors, the mass media, scholastic resources, all say that STEM is the future, so I was planning my future based on that. I attempted to join the STEM club on campus, but it just didn’t appeal to me. So I just kept chugging along, taking my classes, reading what I find interesting, exploring my own sense of STEM, and slowly began to see the bigger picture for the future and how was I going to be involved in it.

After developing my own sense of science and what I wanted to do, I was introduced to STEAM. What is STEAM? Many of us, have heard of STEM, right? Well STEAM is an upgraded version of STEM. STEAM= Science + Technology + Engineering + ARTS + Mathematics.

STEAM is the new gateway to entering a far more advance and progressive world than yesterday. STEAM is a movement set forth into motion by employers and educators. STEAM is the integration of STEM with the Arts, and is providing me and others such as yourself, a better understanding of what is expected of us. Right now, the world is technologically evolving fast and innovation is catapulting to new heights. STEAM is the fundamental foundation of generating a more intellectual individual that has the capacity to solve the world’s problems. We need a generation that understands the dynamic world of art and science, and the value of integrating concepts across the map. For example, the electromagnetic spectrum, is the range of which frequencies of radiation are absorbed or emitted. This is the scale at which we can see visible light, or colors; is taught on a large scale from jewelry making, art, graphic design to biology, chemistry, and math. How can we integrate this knowledge into a designing a holographic video game, invent a tree that absorbs and emits light, or a self-designing, solar powered tattoo machine? Altogether, the collaboration of concepts can help to invent, create, and produce products that embody the future.

In my journey to self-discovery, in the past few month; I have learned to understand the combination of arts and science as a holistic property, and I believe in this concept. STEAM has helped me to understand the importance of collaboration and team work. How are we going to change the world? This question has been presented to me numerous times. So based on this question, I started thinking, alternative energy and agriculture are my two biggest concerns…and being a jewelry artist. Ha! 🙂 First off, how much longer do we have to damage the earth to realize burning fossil fuels is not the best source of energy moving forward into the future. Furthermore, agriculture in the city, whether it be urban organic or hydroponic gardening, in your yard, is a form of sustainability that could benefit the air we breathe, the carbon emissions, eating healthy, and investing in the future….this is how I stumbled upon Sustainability as a career choice and how I got involved with STEAM.

We have no time to waste, the planet is depending on its homo sapien inhabitants to create a solution for alternate energy, and with corporate investors worldwide “divesting” in the carbon train, who knows what’s in store for the future. As a whole, we need to approach this imminent situation with diligence for the planet we live on, it’s going to be up to us to solve the future’s problems. We need to be tested, motivated, shocked, intrigued, creative, innovative, and pioneers in an even more advance technological state. It’s the future! It’s a movement. It’s a Revolution! Get on Board! STEAM is the future for everyone, it will affect you one way or another. My instructors influence my education for the better, and I want to make the same impact on somebody else’s life whether they know it or not. STEAM has provided me an opportunity to understand my position in this world. And I wish the best for you and your future. Study hard this semester and don’t be afraid of a little STEAM.

selfie 1

-jeri 🙂



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