Kano: DIY Computer Kit

In keeping with the gift guide for encouraging kids in STEM or STEAM, the Kano looks remarkable in both price and educational value.  Kano engages youngsters to make their own computer, and then learn to code and create.  Read more at the Kano website and article from Wired Magazine.






Dancing With the Stars … of Science!

2015 Dance Your PhD Winner!

 This year’s group of finalists for the Dance Your PhD competition are outstanding!  Believe it or not, the winner only had three weeks of time to prepare her submission.  I encourage you to visit Science Magazine’s article and view all the videos, they are quite entertaining.


As the holidays come and go, lets take some time to read about what we are eating….






Does eating turkey during Thanksgiving really cause drowsiness?

Read more here…



6 Fun Interesting Facts about Turkey!  Why not learn a little about them.



Turkeys in their natural habitat.



The humane way to slaughter a turkey…*WARNING GRAPHIC PICTURES



The inhumane house of horrors for turkeys…*WARNING GRAPHIC VIDEO



Festival of Lights @ GCC!

Please join us in a celebration of the 
United Nation’s International Year of Light!  
Wednesday, December 2, 2015
A study in light projection and photography featuring the students of
Dr. Casey Farina (Digital Media Arts) and Dean Terasaki (Photography)