Pei’s Photography is STEAM


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I recently discovered Pei Ketron and her photographs while browsing FB. When I stumbled upon her photos, I was intrigued and captivated. It was here that I finally understood and appreciated the art of photography. I was fascinated with understanding how easy it is to tie art in with science, it’s a paradigm of the interdisciplinary actions wedged into STEAM.

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In reading some of the other articles, interviews and blogs about Pei, I discovered she is connected to Arizona. Pei actually grew up in Tuba City, AZ; my hometown. Then it resonated with me that Mr. Ketron is her dad! Mr. Ketron was an art teacher at Tuba City High School. Mr. Ketron was one of the coolest teachers there, he connected on a different level with the students, and he is truly an educator. I was in his class, I can tell you, he was a tough grader…lol! I remember spending our lunches during the winter time by his classroom door. Students line up and down the hallway by his door to spend their lunch breaks with him (I was one of them), he would just hang out with us; have fun, be smart, be argumentative, be silly, be informative, etc. Mr. Ketron retired not too long after I graduated high school.

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As you can see, Pei’s photography screams simplicity, geometric shapes, patterns, symmetry, lines, and beauty. There is beauty in mundane spaces and unexpected spurts of vitality jump at you through the photos. I have never had that experience. And to be completely honest, I have since started looking at photography in a more enlightening process, I am evolving. 🙂

pei 11pei 13

Pei mentions in an interview that she grew interested in lines and vanishing points from reading one of her father’s books while growing up. Pei sees lines and symmetry in almost everything she targets for her next snapshot. When a snapshot looks symmetrical and aligned, that is when Pei finds relief in capturing the true essence of the moment through photos. I find the use of lines and symmetry fascinating and I believe it ties in with the principles of STEAM. What is even more amazing is that Pei uses mostly her phone when taking pictures.


Isn’t that incredible?! All this beauty comes from a small teensy camera with (“probably”) generic optics. Pei mentions that other professional photographers “diss” the concept of using a phone for photography. In a time of futuristic technology and innovative concepts, this is striking information. Pei continues to say that the people who tend to reject phone usage for photography are the older folks, people who have less knowledge of new technology. However, she did say, those folk are coming around trying to figure out this new genre of photography and sadly, because of time lost, they’re being passed on for employment opportunities. Enjoy Pei’s photos.


pei 4pei18

Having evolved from her background as a public school teacher, Pei has taught has taught photography  classes privately and through companies such as Skillshare, Edelman, The Compelling Image, Creative Live, and the Santa Fe Photographic Workshops. In addition to her experience with DSLR and medium-format film photography, Pei is also an accomplished mobile photographer and has amassed a following of nearly a million users on Instagram. She has also helped to develop photography apps. Pei specializes in commercial, travel, and humanitarian work worldwide. Clients include: Adobe, American Express, Apple, All Nippon Airway, Bloomingdale’s, Canadian Tourism Commission, Discover Tasmania, Jordan Tourism Board, Mercedes, Michael Kors,, Pfizer, Save the Children, Square, Starwood Hotels, Tourism Whitsundays, Travel Alberta, Travel & Leisure Magazine, Turkish Airlines, and UNICEF  (

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  1. Jeri, I am very proud of the good work that you are doing with The STEAM Hub. Your piece on Pei is wonderful and very well written. Thank you for putting your heart into everything you do.

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