Museum of Northern Arizona exhibit challenges views of Native American art

Very interesting, it would be nice to take a drive to Flagstaff….


“Things Are Looking Native, Natives Looking Whiter” by Nicholas Galanin, addresses cultural appropriation. Ryan Williams/NHO


Ed Kabotie’s “Yellow Snow on the Mountain,” part of the “You Are On Indian Land” exhibit at the Museum of Northern Arizona, addresses the uses of reclaimed water at Snowbowl in Flagstaff. Ryan Williams/NHO


“You Are On Indian Land” exhibit at Museum of Northern Arizona addresses cultural appropriation, stereotypes and sovereignty

The name of the exhibition, “You Are on Indian Land,” comes from the 1969-1971 Indians From All Tribes and American Indian Movement (AIM) occupation of Alcatraz Island by John Trudell, among others, which began on Nov. 20, 1969, also the date the show opened in New York at Radiator Gallery.

Those themes include contested landscapes, misappropriation of culture and, even more broadly, what the human condition is in the 21st century.

“It highlights that these are a contemporary people and they have contemporary ideas just like anybody else,” Joyce said.

Museum of Northern Arizona is the exhibition’s final stop and the show runs until Feb. 15, 2016.

To learn more or read more, click on the link:


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