Hevea Brasiliensis AKA…

Rubber Tree.

I remember driving my grandma Grace around one day…she was speaking to me in our native language and she explained to me how tires are made from trees.

My grandma is a sweet Navajo woman, she has experienced life to the fullest; she is a well traveled cowgirl, equestrian, actress, rug weaver, model and mother/grandmother. How does she know about Hevea Brasiliensis?!

I never knew such a topic was of concern to my grandma all the way in Arizona, in the barren desert of the American Southwest. I was surprised and happily listening to what she knows, Grandma was  talking about how the Amazon rainforest is being destroyed and exploited for rubber.

As I was listening to her I was smiling ear to ear because my grandma was truly concerned for what happens to this Earth and the rainforest, and I am her granddaughter. Some of her spirit is in me; Hence, my interest in the Environment.

I saw this and had to share…

Why We (Still) Can’t Live Without Rubber

Picture of Chinese workers tapping rubber sap at night

Photo by Richard Barnes

Click on the link to read more from Nat Geo’s website


-jeri 🙂


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