What is Geocaching?

I think I found a new hobby! It is called Geocaching!

What is Geocaching?  Well, like most, I didn’t know what it was about at all until I did some research.

Turns out it’s simple! It is the latest craze sweeping through bored and strapped for cash households.

Geocaching, also referred to as GPS stash hunting, is a recreational activity in which someone “buries” something for others to try to find using a Global Positioning System ( GPS ) receiver or download an app with the feature. The pursuit can be thought of as a GPS-enabled treasure hunt. Usually, a geocache consists of a small, waterproof container that holds a logbook and inexpensive trinkets. Participants are called geocachers.

It is very interesting and I’ve completed my first geocache hunt here on the Glendale Community College campus. 🙂 Have fun reading and learning more about geocaching!



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