San Francisco Bans Plastic Water Bottle Sales

San Francisco initiating a sales ban on plastic water bottles that hold 21 oz. or less. Personally, I know I need to stop buying water by the case.

Every time I buy a case of water, I have this guilty conscience looming over me for as long as I can remember.

I tried making the adjustment of refilling gallon water jugs at the water dispensary  for a quarter a gallon, it never seemed to stick because my family likes the individual portion and not having to wash dishes; it’s just more convenient.

Not exactly convenient for the environment.

I’m glad San Francisco initiated this ban. I can only hope other cities will follow the same trend.

Compare this to the replacement of plastic grocery bags to reusable grocery bags, that trend hasn’t completely swept the nation.

Still, a small majority of states continue the ban of plastic bags or charge a few cents for every plastic bag used.

All I can hope for, is we all make small changes daily, weekly, monthly, yearly.

Read more about the ban…San Francisco Becomes First City To Ban The Sale Of Plastic Bottles . Have a good day!



 This is one of the few recent changes I made in my life, I started keeping glass jars and using them as cups and water bottles, great for holding soup to take to lunch or food storage containers, they are multipurpose.


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