Anthony Garcia

I am a long term student that never quite finished an Art degree, that I never needed (you don’t need a degree to be an artist). I always felt a little trapped in just considering myself as an artist, and was always drawn to big questions about the mind. Philosophy was my introduction to some very cool and interesting questions and along the way decided that science was the best route to explore those questions, because I found that Philosophy was too much of an armchair exercise. So out of the armchair in and into the lab and field is the way I saw my path into Science, but still thinking of myself as artist. After all I still turn to my pencils, pens and paint to enjoyably pass the time.
Much of the early questions from Philosophy that I found so perplexing and never tiresome to think about were from a section of Philosophy called: the Philosophy of Mind. The Mind, in my opinion is a hornet’s nest of mind-boggling mysteries. The idea that somehow Our brains, an organ that sits atop our shoulders has a seemingly endless amount of complexity, but all made of mundane matter and run on energy; chemicals, atoms, energy transfers, ions, all stuff that science majors are made to sit through and memorize. This physical activity is somehow related, nay! May even be even the very meanings we discern from others words, the images we call up when we think of a particular day, the very phenomenal seeing of a particular red when we see a red object. How in the world is this possible!? This and more super-hard, perhaps unsolvable, problems are what beckoning me to some path I have concluded that the beckoning was a path to neuroscience.
I am currently interested in Creativity, Insight, emotional cognition, and neuro-aesthetics as my somewhat tamer issues that I hope to perhaps work in. So in the end I am a man of at least two lives, I often now say now it feels like Art is my wife and Science my mistress. I hope to encourage here people of that hybrid nature, the people of many hats; those that admire breath as well as depth. To all you kinds out there I bid you welcome!Self-portrait

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