A Good Ada Lovelace Day to All…

..And to all a good Ada Lovelace Day; Just a quick note: Lovelace (Died Nov 1852 aged 36(#foreveryoung)) was the mother of computing, or rather, she saw(and shared) what she reckoned Babbage’s baby computer(analytical machine) might grow up to be. So what profund stupidity that the high tech industry, and our society at large, so devalues work(e.g. code) if it comes from somone who is not rocking XY chromosomes

Vice’s Motherboard has some great posts, check em out if’n yer still curious

Ada Lovelace Was the First Person to Understand the Real Potential of Computers

Elon Musk Follows Zero Women on Twitter (Update)

Written by SARAH JEONG



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