Sisyphus Kinetic Sculpture

legoJason Allemann has a website devoted to building kinetic sculptures out of Legos. As a child he recalls being fascinated by Legos and enjoying building things. So he combined these two interest and created the JKBrickworks website which is full of interesting projects. One of his most fascinating projects is the sculpture of Sisyphus who received the punishment of pushing a boulder up a hill for infinity. He provided a set of materials and instructions needed to build this amazing sculpture. Although for most of us it might take us an infinite amount of time to build it we can still enjoy this everlasting sculpture.

-Link for video and instructions


Blending Native American Culture and Gaming

Kudos to the Cook Inlet Tribal Council (CITC) — a nonprofit community support organization for Alaska Natives and their families for the development of a video game that celebrates and modernizes the traditions of cultural storytelling.
Read more here about their amazing journey into cultural gaming.

 Posted by Kristin